Monday, January 31, 2011


dear readers...

i love u all... nie luahan hati ambe terhadap semue ambe nye bros when ambe was in 2ndary skool( no girls allowed)... ad 163 org semuanye... yew la, since form 1 kami dok under one roof, played on a same field, punished together n many more... best dowh... korg sure x lh byangkan cmne ne life kami back then... hahahhaha.... on last sunday, one of my bros held a 4 in 1 event at his crib somewhere in bukit jelutong kat shah alam kot... 1 of the reasons is bro ambe tu da nak fly pertengahan bulan feb nie... damn, i'll miss him so much... so memg happening gle event on that day... so i'm sharing a few of the photos captured as the words can't explain the moment... hahahaha... enjoy 'em ok my readers...
ameng(V.P) yang ayu... girls, still single ok...
jaer the leader
toy.baang.fuki(ipad pinjam je tu).
 daud.izzul.ameng.afiq sad???
afiq.bore. discussing about what???(gay perhaps) 
the brothers... others are too busy... hope to be together once more...
to ateng(baju melayu), syafiq(in black shirt, 3 from the left) and syarafiz(standing in front of syafiq), i would like to express my sincere congrats to all of u... hope all of u will do the best there... may god bless you...

p/s: events kat the curve, and others are coming soon...
credit to ateng for the pictures.


  1. kimsalam yang ayu2 tu ek.. ahhahaha

  2. slmt fly to ateng,miss u guyz


  3. wah2.. ramainye hero2.. kerm slm sume
    ahaks (gatai ) ngeee

  4. terbaek aa T_T tak dpt mai huu, buat lg 2 taun komfem ak dtg! :D

  5. event dekat the curve are not coming soon!! semua dah di delete ameng

  6. kah3x.. lu kawan stiffler. patut la td dh tgk gmbr ni kat blog stiffler. haha.