Monday, February 14, 2011


dear readers...

ary nie ambe nak b'cite tntg life ambe kat UTHM... bosan gle life ambe nie... if korg nak tau, sila2 la bce... ambe bwat dlm bntuk poem g2... actually ambe x reti sgt nak ber"poem2" ni but ambe try la... 

Wake up, make up and dress up  
Off to classes, only to mess up  

One o’ clock,it's time for lunch  
Where i only have time to munch and crunch  

Back to routine classes  
Only to face the books which are lifeless and in black and white 

Wondering when will five o’clock come  
Cos’ that’s the time to be on the pitch  

Room? Oh to the same gloomy and small room of mine  
Going back to room, surfing up to the internet  

Then what? Off to the bed of course  
And have my life restarts its course again and again and again

Just like merry go round spins, my life goes 
When it will stop, nobody knows

ambe dpt ilham nak bwat poem nie after bce satu poem yg dbwat olh s'org amoi... ambe amik skit struktr ayat poem amoi tu... hope korg enjoy... sekian terima kasih...


  1. gile padu brother nie..follow kamu.. ^^

  2. kamu pon rase life kat uthm ni boring gak?huhuuu...maybe kamu x la boring sgt. tapi for me, life kat sini lately sgt boring..sampai rase macam x de smgt mau belajar.

  3. awt ckp camtu? maybe sbb keseronokan life dekat sini da hilang di bawak pergi. and perasaan happy a.k.a x boring berada di sini lately just datang kadangkala je..;)